Let me start speaking loud…

18 Apr



I get many chances to shout in public.. to stand in front of a crowd and teach..To speak to people without really knowing what is in their minds.. Is that my problem, not really i think.. or my listener’s problem.. Not that too.. (May be the problem of being a teacher…!@##$$)


Poor souls, destined to listen to me..


But I feel like speaking without the masks of a professional,status and image.. Let the real me speak out.. I am not sure who is gonna hear this.. still let me stat listening to the whispers of time and speaking loud…


You got me married…

18 Apr

When i decided to create a new blog, I had so many topics in my mind to start with.. While creating my page, i got a new and fresh topic to write about. Following the procedures for page creation, i tried so many names (anyway more than 12), with my name, nick names, full name and so on.. the response which i was continously getting was either “the site already exists” or the “name is reserved” (reservation in site names?? realllyyyyy!!!) I was surprised to see that my name is that common. I should find some strange names.. The challenge from WordPress to come up with something they have not received already…

Then only i remembered my dearest husband has a name which is not that common. Though i got married few months back, i was not using my husband’s name as my initial..Immediately i tried our names together and it was accepted.. So for the first time, my name admitted that she got married and soon she may have different head (or tail whatever!!)



Hello world!

18 Apr

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